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Valley Verified

Valley Verified

Kyla Zhao - Engels - Paperback

When a fashion writer dives headfirst into the cutthroat Silicon Valley tech world, her future threatens to unravel in this addictive novel by Kyla Zhao, author of The Fraud Squad.

On paper, Zoe Zeng has made it in New York’s fashion world. After a string of unpaid internships, she’s now a fashion columnist at Chic, lives in a quaint apartment in Manhattan, and gets invited to exclusive industry events.

But life in New York City isn’t as chic as Zoe imagined. Her editor wants her to censor her opinions to please the big brands; she shares her “quaint” ( small) apartment with two roommates who never let her store kimchi in the fridge; and how is she supposed to afford the designer clothes expected for those parties on her meager salary?

Then one day, Zoe receives a job offer at FitPick, an app startup based in Silicon Valley. The tech salary and office perks are sweet, but moving across the country and switching to a totally new industry? Not so much. However, with her current career at a dead end, Zoe accepts the offer and swaps high fashion for high tech, haute couture for HTML. But she soon realizes that in an industry claiming to change the world for the better, not everyone’s intentions are pure. With an eight-figure investment on the line, Zoe must find a way to revamp FitPick’s image despite Silicon Valley’s elitism and her icy colleagues. Or the company’s future will go up in smoke—and hers with it.


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Over de auteur van Valley Verified

Kyla, geboren en getogen in Singapore, studeerde in 2021 af aan Stanford University. Ze werkt nu bij een technologiebedrijf in Silicon Valley, Californië.

Naast het schrijven van romans heeft Kyla een uitgebreide redactieportfolio voor tijdschriften. Eerder was ze een mode- en lifestyleschrijver bij Vogue Singapore. Ze schreef ook voor de Singapore-edities van Harper’s Bazaar en Tatler, deed verslag van de Asian Television Awards en interviewde persoonlijkheden zoals zanger Nathan Sykes.

Voor haar boeken wordt Kyla vertegenwoordigd door Alex Rice bij Creative Artists Agency.
Voor de filmrechten op haar boeken wordt Kyla vertegenwoordigd door Berni Barta bij Creative Artists Agency.


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