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Warrior Girl Unearthed

Warrior Girl Unearthed

Angelina Boulley - Engels - Hardback

Perry Firekeeper-Birch was ready for her Summer of Slack but instead, after a fender bender that was entirely not her fault, she’s stuck working to pay back her Auntie Daunis for repairs to the Jeep.

Thankfully she has the other outcasts of the summer program, Team Misfit Toys, and even her twin sister Pauline. Together they ace obstacle courses, plan vigils for missing women in the community, and make sure summer doesn’t feel so lost after all.

But when she attends a meeting at a local university, Perry learns about the “Warrior Girl”, an ancestor whose bones and knife are stored in the museum archives, and everything changes. Perry has to return Warrior Girl to her tribe. Determined to help, she learns all she can about NAGPRA, the federal law that allows tribes to request the return of ancestral remains and sacred items. The university has been using legal loopholes to hold onto Warrior Girl and twelve other Anishinaabe ancestors’ remains, and Perry and the Misfits won’t let it go on any longer.

Using all of their skills and resources, the Misfits realize a heist is the only way to bring back the stolen artifacts and remains for good. But there is more to this repatriation than meets the eye as more women disappear and Pauline’s perfectionism takes a turn for the worse. As secrets and mysteries unfurl, Perry and the Misfits must fight to find a way to make things right – for the ancestors and for their community.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Firekeeper’s Daughter comes a thrilling YA mystery about a Native teen who must find a way to bring an ancestor home to her tribe.


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Over de auteur van Warrior Girl Unearthed

Angeline Boulley, een ingeschreven lid van de Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, is een verhalenverteller die schrijft over haar Ojibwe-gemeenschap in het Upper Peninsula van Michigan. Ze kreeg aandacht van het We Need Diverse Books Mentorship Program. Angeline was de voormalige directeur van het Office of Indian Education bij het Amerikaanse ministerie van Onderwijs. Haar agent is Faye Bender bij The Book Group. Firekeeper’s Daughter is geselecteerd voor een Netflix-serie door het Higher Ground-productiebedrijf van Obama’s.

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