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We Were Restless Things

We Were Restless Things

Cole Nagamatsu - Engels - Hardback

From debut author Cole Nagamatsu comes an atmospheric contemporary fantasy about three teens coming of age in the wake of a mysterious death. Last summer, Link Miller drowned on dry land in the woods, miles away from the nearest body of water. His death was ruled a strange accident, and in the months since, his friends and family have struggled to make sense of it.

But Link’s close friend Noemi Amato knows the truth: Link drowned in an impossible lake that only she can find. And what’s more, someone claiming to be Link has been contacting her, warning Noemi to stay out of the forest. As these secrets become too heavy for Noemi to shoulder on her own, she turns to Jonas, her new housemate, and Amberlyn, Link’s younger sister.

All three are trying to find their place-and together, they start to unravel the truth: about themselves, about the world, and about what happened to Link. Unfolding over a year and told through multiple POVs and a dream journal, We Were Restless Things explores the ways society shapes our reality, how we can learn to love ourselves and others, and the incredible power of our own desires.


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Over de auteur van We Were Restless Things

Cole Nagamatsu is de auteur van We Were Restless Things, van Sourcebooks Fire (2020). Haar korte fictie is gepubliceerd in verschillende gedrukte en online publicaties. Ze is de hoofdredacteur van Psychopomp Magazine, een tijdschrift over genre-buigende proza.

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