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What We Devour

What We Devour

Linsey Miller - Engels - Paperback

The eat-the-rich, deliciously dark fantasy you’ve been waiting for. A girl with the power of the banished gods must bind herself to a wicked Prince to save her crumbling world, as the poor are sacrificed to save the rich. Lorena Adler has a secret-she holds the power of the banished gods, the Noble and the Vile, inside her.

But she has spent her entire life hiding from the world and her past. Lorena’s content to spend her days as an undertaker in a small town, marry her best friend, Julian, and live an unfulfilling life so long as no one uncovers her true nature. But when the notoriously bloodthirsty and equally Vile crown prince comes to arrest Julian’s father, he immediately recognizes Lorena for what she is.

So, she makes a deal-a fair trial for her betrothed’s father in exchange for her service to the crown. The prince is desperate for her help. He’s spent years trying to repair the weakening Door that holds back the Vile…and he’s losing the battle.

As Lorena learns more about the Door and the horrifying price it takes to keep it closed, she’ll have to embrace both parts of herself to survive.


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Over de auteur van What We Devour

Linsey Miller biologie studeerde in Arkansas. Tegenwoordig heeft ze een MFA in fictie en schrijft ze overal waar koffie is over wetenschap en magie. Ze is de auteur van de Mask of Shadows-duologie, Belle Révolte, The Game, What We Devour en de komende Disney Princes-boeken voor Eric en Phillip.

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