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When The World Was Ours

When The World Was Ours

Liz Kessler - Engels - Paperback

ONE MOMENT CAN CHANGE A LIFE FOREVER. A powerful and heart-breaking novel about three childhood friends living during the Second World War whose fates are closely intertwined, even when their lives take very different courses. Inspired by a true story, this is the perfect read for fans of The Book Thief and Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl.

Vienna, 1936. Elsa, Leo and Max have always been best friends, a special team of three. Then the Nazis come.

As a growing darkness descends around them, Leo and Elsa run for their lives, taking two very different paths across Europe. And Max, once their closest friend, now becomes the enemy as he is drawn into the Hitler Youth. Will the friends ever find their way back to each other? Will they want to? Inspired by a true story, WHEN THE WORLD WAS OURS is an extraordinary novel that is as powerful as it is heartbreaking, and shows how the bonds of love, family and friendship allow glimmers of hope to flourish, even in the most hopeless of times.

Three friends. Two sides. One memory.


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Over de auteur van When The World Was Ours

Liz Kessler is de auteur van drie romans over Philippa Fisher en van de New York Times-bestseller Emily Windsnap-serie. Ze woont in Manchester, Engeland.

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