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Wicked As You Wish

Wicked As You Wish

Rin Chupeco - Engels - Paperback

What if every story you’d ever heard was true? Jack killed the giants. Red slayed the wolf. Rapunzel fled the tower.

But the greatest one of all, had yet to be told. Once upon a time, the magical Kingdom of Avalon was left to wither and die after the Snow Queen encased it in ice. Its former citizens are now refugees. Which is why crown prince Alex and his protectors are stuck in… Arizona. Tala Makiling has lived her life as an outsider. Her family curse, the one that’s doomed her to be a spellbreaker, someone who destroys magic, hasn’t won her too many friends. Except Alex, who trusts her and her family to keep his royal identity a secret. And then one night, a famous creature of legend, the Firebird, appears in their tiny town, reigniting hope for their abandoned homeland.

Alex and Tala team up with a ragtag group of new friends to journey back to Avalon. Their path is filled with danger-from deadly prophecies, to terrifying ice wolves, a traitor among them, and the Snow Queen herself. But if they succeed their story would be legendary.


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Over de auteur van Wicked As You Wish

Rin Chupeco is een Chinese Filipijnse schrijver van jeugdliteratuur, vooral bekend van de series The Bone Witch, The Girl from the Well en The Never-Tilting World.

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