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You Wouldn’t Catch Me Dead

You Wouldn’t Catch Me Dead

Tess James-Mackey - Engels - Paperback

The only thing worse than being lost . . . is being found.

Keely planned to keep her head down at her new school – she isn’t there to make friends or memories, she just wants to be left alone .

In order to get into college, she is roped into a programme that involves camping in the Welsh wilderness with five over-keen try-hards. Her plan is to keep her head down, keep her mouth shut and get through the next few days.

But Keely is running from something. Something that drove her family out of their home and to this quiet town. And when her fellow explorers start disappearing and the bodies begin to pile up, she has to ask did she run far enough?

The second spine-chilling standalone from the author of Someone is Watching You , Tess James-Mackey.


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Over de auteur van You Wouldn’t Catch Me Dead

After growing up in rural Shropshire, Tess set out to explore the world and find her place in it. She quickly rushed straight back to Shrewsbury when she realised she’d been where she belonged from the start. She now lives in a quiet suburb with a noisy partner and daughter, two extremely noisy cats, and a less noisy tortoise.

She spent years mucking out and getting trampled on by horses, before finally deciding she might prefer a less precarious office job. Between analysing insurance risk, she writes teens into terrifying situations inspired by her lived experiences.

When she’s not allowing her mind to wander to dark and twisty places, she pursues more wholesome activities, like growing mediocre vegetables in her garden, camping with her daughter, and even riding the odd horse.

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