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You’d Be Home Now

You’d Be Home Now

Kathleen Glasgow - Engels - Paperback

‘Kathleen Glasgow expands our hearts and invites in a little more humanity.’ Val Emmich, author of Dear Evan Hansen’An unflinching tale of addiction.’ Amy Beashel, author of The Sky Is Mine’Raw, honest and overflowing with feelings.’ Erin Hahn, author of You’d Be Mine From the New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Pieces and How to Make Friends with the Dark comes a breathtaking contemporary YA about addiction, family and finding your voice. The quiet one, the obedient one, the reliable one. Emmy has spent her life being told exactly who she is.

Not strong-willed like her beautiful sister Maddie and not in rehab like her wild brother Joey. But when a tragic accident changes life in her small town forever, can Emmy keep up the act?


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Over de auteur van You’d Be Home Now

Kathleen Glasgow is de auteur van de bestseller Girl in Pieces van de New York Times en van How to Make Friends with the Dark en You’d Be Home Now. Ze woont en schrijft in Tucson, Arizona.

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