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Hannah Nicole Maehrer - Engels - Paperback

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What happens when the assistant becomes something… more? Find out in the hilarious and heartwarming follow-up to Assistant to the Villain by instant #1 NY Times bestselling author Hannah Nicole Maehrer.


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Over de auteur van Apprentice to the Villain (US Limited Edition)

Hannah Nicole Maehrer–or as TikTok knows her, @hannahnicolemae–is a fantasy romance author and BookToker with a propensity for villains. She grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, watching Disney movies in her favorite rocking chair, where she spent hours imagining her own stories, creating entire worlds among the green walls of her living room. She kept her big dreams close as she went on to graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology from Pennsylvania State University. Until one day her aspirations carried her to a small app on her phone that made those big dreams a reality. After developing the viral Assistant to the Villain TikTok series into a book, Hannah watched that world she always dreamed of take form.

Extra details: Apprentice to the Villain (US Limited Edition)

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