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Daisy Haites: The Great Undoing

Daisy Haites: The Great Undoing

Jessa Hastings - Engels - Paperback

Daisy Haites thought she’d left everything about her old life in the past: the crime, her family and the man she loves. But when her safety is threatened once again, she finds herself back under the watchful eye of her gang-lord brother Julian and her ex-boyfriend Christian, both desperate to keep her safe.

Everything gets more complicated when beautiful, broken-hearted socialite Magnolia Parks enters the scene and Julian finds himself entangled with her. Because for Julian, falling in love isn’t just unwelcome – it could be deadly for everyone involved…


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Over de auteur van Daisy Haites: The Great Undoing

Jessa Hastings is an Australian-native who now lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, her cat and a dog that she previously semi-regretted getting after several incidents of said dog intentionally urinating on her son’s favourite firehouse toy, but thankfully the regret has dissipated and as has the urine.

She’s a chronic over-thinker, an aspiring water-connoisseur and is going through a real soup phase. She finds Twitter and small talk equally terrifying, and still often pines for an Australian breakfast and a sourdough loaf in America that doesn’t make her want to impale herself with a rusty fork. Magnolia Parks was her debut novel and the launch of the series and she still (obviously) struggles to write a concise or topically relevant author’s biography. She is sorry for this.

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