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From the Mouths of Sirens

From the Mouths of Sirens

Abigail Hair - Engels - Hardback

Win the Tournament. Kill the Prince. Take the Crown.

Since childhood, Princess Saoirse has trained for the sole purpose of being chosen for the Tournament, a gladiator-style competition in which four enemy nations compete for the right to rule. An angel-like people known as the Aura have won the Tournament for a century, enacting exploitative treaties and ruling the continent with a merciless grip. If Saoirse survives the three infamous trials, she will win the Crown of Revelore and overthrow the nation responsible for her mother’s death.

But when Saoirse is denied entry into the Tournament by the Mer king, she makes a bargain with an imprisoned sea witch. In exchange for entrance into the competition, Saoirse agrees to kill the Auran prince and bring back the witch’s stolen dagger. But while fighting for her life in the arena, the last thing Saoirse expects to do is fall for her greatest enemy, the arrogant Prince Rook.

When Rook and Saoirse uncover the sinister secrets of their ancestors, they realize the animosity between their people is rooted in long-forgotten lore. What once was a competition for the Crown evolves into a perilous ancient game in which Saoirse and Rook are both pawns. As twisted truths are revealed and myths become real, Saoirse must decide if she should kill the man she is falling for and avenge her people, or spare his life and face the wrath of the Titans.

Fans of THE CRUEL PRINCE, THE HUNGER GAMES, and THE LITTLE MERMAID will enjoy this first installment in a compelling new YA fantasy series.


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Over de auteur van From the Mouths of Sirens

Abigail Hair is de Amerikaanse auteur van de meeslepende fantasieserie voor jonge volwassenen, From the Mouths of Sirens. Abigails liefde voor fantasie begon op jonge leeftijd, toen haar vader haar epische verhalen als The Lord of the Rings en The Chronicles of Narnia las. bed. Tijdens haar adolescentie en jongvolwassen jaren las Abigail elk boek dat ze te pakken kon krijgen. Tijdens haar tijd aan de Universiteit van Oklahoma als hoofdvak geschiedenis schreef Abigail verschillende fantasieboeken en dagdroomde ze over magische werelden in haar vrije tijd. Twee jaar na haar afstuderen schreef Abigail From the Mouths of Sirens, terwijl ze twee parttime banen balanceerde en een klein bedrijf runde. Als ze niet schrijft of leest, kan Abigail met haar twee puppy’s spelen, digitale kunstwerken maken of te veel televisie kijken met haar man.

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