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I Will Follow

I Will Follow

Eireann Corrigan - Engels - Paperback

It’s every influencers biggest nightmare when a follower decides to kidnap her TikTok hero in order to become her BFF and a big star herself. Like Stephen King’s Misery … for the TikTok generation. The first time Nora Ladd saw Laynee Winters on TikTok, something just clicked. You know how you can see someone and just know you were meant to be best friends? Well, that’s how Nora felt. She knows Laynee is a big star, with millions of followers, and Nora isn’t (she follows hundreds of people but only has 74 follows back). Nora knows all she needs is her viral moment to break through. Then Laynee will see her, and will understand. If life isn’t going to give Nora entry into Laynee’s world… well, then Nora’s going to have to take matters in her own hands.


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Over de auteur van I Will Follow

Eireann Corrigan was born in 1977. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. She currently lives in New Jersey with her kitten Sumo. When she grows up, she hopes to marry Bob Dylan.

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