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Love Unwritten

Love Unwritten

Lauren Asher - Engels - Paperback

Ellie Sinclair is a hopeless romantic who writes love songs.
I’m a struggling workaholic who could inspire a hundred breakup albums.
On paper, we have nothing in common except for my son.
For eight months, I avoid her until our summer trip.
Fourteen days. Two islands. And one nanny I shouldn’t be attracted to.
Spending time with Ellie is expected, but enjoying her company?
That isn’t part of our travel plans.
After my divorce, I swore to protect my heart at all costs.
Even if it means breaking hers in the process.
What’s worse than working for a grumpy single dad?
Admitting that I once had a secret crush on him in high school.
Thankfully, Rafael Lopez and I have changed since we graduated from Wisteria High.
He is a billionaire with a company to run and a child to take care of.
I’m an unemployed songwriter he hired to watch his son and teach music.
We coexist without any issues until a vacation changes everything.
Lines blur and old feelings for Rafael return with vengeance as I face a new dilemma.
Being his son’s nanny is one thing, but wishing for more?
Sounds like a heartbreak song waiting to be written.


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Over de auteur van Love Unwritten

Geplaagd door een overactieve verbeeldingskracht brengt Lauren Asher haar vrije tijd door met lezen en schrijven. Haar droom is om naar alle plaatsen te reizen waar ze over schrijft. Ze schrijft graag over gebrekkige maar toch herkenbare karakters waar je wel van kunt houden. Ze deelt graag snelle verhalen met angst, stoom en het emotionele spectrum.

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