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Magnolia Parks

Magnolia Parks

Jessa Hastings - Engels - Paperback

‘If Gossip Girl and Made in Chelsea had a baby, it would be this book.’ (FIVE STAR READER REVIEW)’How many loves do you get in a lifetime?’She is a beautiful, affluent, self-involved and mildly neurotic London socialite. He is Britain’s most photographed bad-boy who broke her heart. Magnolia Parks and BJ Ballentine are meant to be, and everyone knows it.

She dates other people to keep him at bay; he sleeps with other girls to get back at her for it. But at the end of their every sad endeavour to get over one another, it’s still each other they crawl back to. But now their dysfunction is catching up with them, pulling at their seams and fraying the world they’ve built; a world where neither has ever let the other go completely.

As the cracks start to show and secrets begin to surface, Magnolia and BJ are finally forced to face the formidable question they’ve been avoiding all their lives: How many loves do you really get in a lifetime?READERS LOVE MAGNOLIA PARKS’Magnolia and BJ have embedded themselves into my DNA.’ (FIVE STARS)’This book gave drama, love triangles, toxicity, chaos and I ate up every single moment.’ (FIVE STARS)’TikTok made me do it, 1000% lived up to the hype.’ (FIVE STARS)’Hands down the most emotional romance book I have ever read and therefore my favourite’ (FIVE STARS)


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Over de auteur van Magnolia Parks

Jessa Hastings is an Australian-native who now lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, her cat and a dog that she previously semi-regretted getting after several incidents of said dog intentionally urinating on her son’s favourite firehouse toy, but thankfully the regret has dissipated and as has the urine.

She’s a chronic over-thinker, an aspiring water-connoisseur and is going through a real soup phase. She finds Twitter and small talk equally terrifying, and still often pines for an Australian breakfast and a sourdough loaf in America that doesn’t make her want to impale herself with a rusty fork. Magnolia Parks was her debut novel and the launch of the series and she still (obviously) struggles to write a concise or topically relevant author’s biography. She is sorry for this.

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