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Sound the Gong

Sound the Gong

Joan He - Engels - Hardback

From New York Times and Indie bestselling author Joan He, comes the dazzling and sweeping conclusion to The Kingdom of Three duology, Sound the Gong, the breathtaking sequel to the critically-acclaimed Strike the Zither.

All her life, Zephyr has tried to rise above her humble origins as a no-name orphan. Now she is a god in a warrior’s body, and never has she felt more powerless. Her lordess Xin Ren holds the Westlands, but her position is tenuous. In the north, the empress remains under Miasma’s thumb. In the south, the alliance with Cicada is in pieces.

Fate also seems to have a different winner in mind for the three kingdoms, but Zephyr has no intentions of respecting it. She will pay any price to see Ren succeed—and she will make her enemies pay, especially one dark-haired, dark-eyed Crow. What she’ll do when she finds out the truth—that he worked for the South all along…

Only the heavens know.


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Over de auteur van Sound the Gong

Joan is geboren en getogen in Philadelphia, maar zal nog steeds af en toe de weg kwijtraken. Op jonge leeftijd kreeg ze klassieke instructie in olieverf voordat ze ontdekte dat verhalen haar favoriete vorm van kunst waren. Ze studeerde psychologie en Chinese geschiedenis aan de Universiteit van Pennsylvania en schrijft momenteel vanaf een bureau met uitzicht op de stad
waterkant. Descendant of the Crane is haar jeugddebuut.

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