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The infinity files

The infinity files

SM Wilson - Engels - Paperback

Escape into space with the action-packed new series from the author of The Extinction Trials, perfect for fans of Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Aurora Cycle. “Action-packed, joyously futuristic.” Armadillo”After so many years of bleak dystopias it’s a pleasure to witness the return of space opera to YA.” The Irish TimesGet in. Get out.

Keep to the task. Leave no trace. Ash Yang dreamed of being a starfighter pilot.

But when she crashes out of her final test – literally – she somehow lands the most powerful job in the universe. As Guardian of the Infinity Files she must secretly planet-hop through the galaxies, stealing or returning treasures that have the power to stop wars…or start them. But when her home planet is the one at war, can she use her new skills to save it?


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Over de auteur van The infinity files

SM Wilson is een schotse auteur. Ze schrijft boeken voor jongvolwassenen als romanlezers, onder S.M. Wilson en Scarlet Wilson. Ze heeft meer dan 45 boeken gepubliceerd en meer dan een miljoen exemplaren verkocht.

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