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Verschijningsdatum: 08-10-2024

LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUN–featuring gorgeous, starry stenciled edges, beautiful case art under the book jacket, and exclusive bonus scenes–for the first time in print! Only available for a limited time and while supplies last.

The Serpent & the Wings of Night meets Shadow and Bone in a seductive, star-crossed, dark romantic fantasy loosely inspired by the Greek myths of Astraea.
“The brightest star needs the darkest night.”

Astraea is a prisoner of her own mind, the past sliding from her grasp like water. But she knows she must escape the tyrannical king who holds her captive and find her clouded memories once again. This quest leads her to the Libertatem, a succession of trials hosted by the king in which five human lands compete for a cycle of safety from the vampires seeking blood, claiming souls, and savaging after dark.

But even winning the Libertatum will not keep Astraea safe from vampires. She’s made a bargain with Nyte, the beautiful, deadly vampire who stalks her dreams and haunts her waking hours. He promises to keep her safe, but she knows she cannot trust him, cannot trust his lies, even as she finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into his seductive embrace.

Caught between Nyte and her own mysteries, Astraea must decide if winning the Libertatem for her kingdom is worth her life, or if protection–and the answers to her past–really are her strongest desires.

Let op: dit boek wordt geïmporteerd uit de Verenigde Staten. Het kan daardoor tot 1-2 weken na release duren voor we het boek in huis hebben.


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Over de auteur van The Stars Are Dying (US Special Edition)

CHLOE C. PEÑARANDA is the USA Today bestselling Scottish author of The Nytefall Trilogy and An Heir Comes to Rise Series. A lifelong avid reader and writer, her stories have been spun from years of building on fictional characters and exploring Tolkien-like quests in made-up worlds from her quiet pocket of Scotland with her dogs. During her time at the University of the West of Scotland, Chloe immersed herself in writing for short film, producing animations, and spending class time dreaming of far off lands.

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