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Better Left Unsent

Better Left Unsent

Lia Louis - Engels - Paperback

So many ways to torpedo your career and your love life…So little time.

A woman accidentally reveals all her secrets in this witty and charming novel from the author of Eight Perfect Hours.

Two years ago, thirty-year-old receptionist Millie Chandler had her heart spectacularly broken in public. Ever since, she has been a closed book, vowing to keep everything to herself—her feelings, her truths, even her dreams—in an effort to protect herself from getting hurt again.

But Millie does write emails—sarcastic replies to her rude boss, hard truths to her friends, and of course, that one-thousand-word love declaration to her ex who is now engaged to someone else. The emails live safely in her drafts, but after a server outage at work, Millie wakes up to discover that all her emails have been sent. Every. Single. One.

As every truth, lie, and secret she’s worked so hard to keep only to herself are catapulted out into the open, Millie must fix the chaos her words have caused, and face everything she’s ever swept under the carpet.


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Over de auteur van Better Left Unsent

Lia Louis is an author from Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom, where she lives with her partner and three children. She has written three novels to date – Somewhere Close to Happy (2019), Dear Emmie Blue (2020), and her new novel Eight Perfect Hours was released in late 2021. Lia’s books are enjoyed around the world and have been translated into over 10 languages.

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